Post Surgical Care

Our location puts War Horse Place within a 6 minute drive to both Rood and Riddle and Hagyard Davidson and Mcgee equine hospitals. This ensures minimum stress and risk for your horse when traveling to and from these facilities. Our well ventilated barns and windows in each stall help ease stress and health problems that can occur from long periods of stall rest following surgery.

Impeccable post surgical care and observation are imperative for even the smallest surgical procedures. Our staff is trained and dedicated to following all post operative care and instructions that the surgeon requests for each individual case. This includes the administration of medication exactly as directed and ensuring that the proper bandage techniques are used and bandages changed as required or as directed by the surgeon. Throughout the entire recovery period, the horses temperatures are checked several times and we are dedicated to managing all aspects of the post surgical care.

Part of each recovery is the incorporation of the post surgical exercise program. Our facility provides several sizes of small paddock turnout appropriate for each stage of recovery. In most cases, and as directed by the surgeon, hand walking is also used as an integral step in the rehabilitation process. Our round pen, exercise track and Kraft Brother's racetrack shaped walker are all available and can be incorporated to aid in the rehabilitation or maintenance of your horses physical condition.

If you have the need for post operative care and or a lengthy surgical recuperation, War Horse Place is proud to provide the best care and environment for your horse to recover and prosper.

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