Before & After Sales Prep

We at War Horse know the importance of making your weanling, yearling, or mare arrive at peak condition at just the right the time for the sale. Our years of detailed sales prepping has become well known to the best consignors for all the major sales. The comments “we never have to worry about the condition you bring your horses to the sale in” or “ I wish all of the horses looked like this when they came to the sale” are words we hear every year. The transformation begins with a physical evaluation which determines the type and quantity of feed to start with as well as the amount and type of exercise needed. When working with yearlings, the amount of prior handling determines how we begin their prepping. However, by the end of 70 days, all will have had endless  hours of hand walking and time with surcingles and side reins jogging in our track shaped walker. Because we take a limited number of horses for each sale, we are able to use special conditioning aids during their exercise that enables us to work on specific areas of the horses body.  Additionally, a weekly exam is done so that we are continually monitoring their progress and making the necessary changes to their feed and exercise.

We also know that no matter what kind of exercise a horse receives every day, it will be of little  benefit if the feeding program is lacking. We use a specially formulated sales prep feed and initiate a feeding regiment that slowly works up to a 4 time a day feed schedule. This includes the best grain, alfalfa hay and flax seed that is cooked daily as well as a protein supplement to help build muscle.

After their morning exercise and baths, we spend  the afternoon  with daily grooming. This is not done with a vacuum like some operations. It is done with hand rubbing, combing, picking hooves,  and braiding and/or pulling manes.

We believe in bringing out the best in every horse that comes to us and we feel our reputation for working as a team with the owners and the consignors completes the formula for our success.

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