Housed on 180 acres of prime Kentucky grazing, War Horse Place offers first-class personalized management for every stage of your Thoroughbred's life

Our facilities include well ventilated barns and sizable stalls overseen by our resident management team. We have mixture of small turn out, perfect for newborns and yearling colts in sales preparation, as well as large paddocks of up to 20 acres for building strong muscle and bone in your future athlete. All are bordered by v-mesh fencing, one of the safest options for enclosures.

We have a keen focus on the details; a feed program specific to your Thoroughbred's needs, height and weight charting, veterinary led parasite management, conformation analysis and correction. We are in the immediate vicinity of some of the best equine medical care in the world and we have long standing relationships with specialists in reproduction, lameness, optometry, surgery and internal medicine. 

“Much of my success breeding graded stakes winners and Breeders’ Cup and Classic participants over the years is my relationship with Dana Aschinger and Rachel Holden with the boutique War Horse Place. Specifically the genuine loving nurturing care, rich bluegrass in large paddocks, advanced nutritional program, regular photography, fair pricing and enthusiastic team spirit. A highly recommended choice for equine lovers that want the very best”
— John Liviakis